Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pengajaran & Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris

So in the year 2012 Sains dan Matematik will be taught in BM.

Frankly, I oppose this decision. But for a different reason.

The Government seems to have forgotten the purpose of teaching Science and Math in English. They seem to think that teaching science and math in english is to
1) improve level of english in primary school children
2)improve the result of Sains dan Matematik in UPSR

To tell you the truth,Malaysia is the first country in the whole universe to use Science and math to improve english. Nobody have done this before ^^

"Muhyiddin said studies carried out by local universities found that students’ mastery level of English during the entire policy was around 3% while the level among rural students was low.
“Based on these observations, the Government is confident that Mathematics and Science should be taught in languages understood by students, which is Bahasa Malaysia in national schools, and Chinese and Tamil in the respective vernacular schools,” he said."- The Star

The reason Tun Dr Mahathir introduce PPSMI is for the future generation. How can the government gauge the success of PPSMI after only 6 years??? Most children who is under PPSMI is only in Form 1 now!!

Let me reiiterate the purpose of PPSMI: To make sure students are competent and familiar in the Scientific english when they are in the University and outside world

How can you use the declining UPSR results as a "strong-point" to discontinue PPSMI??

Imagine what will happen to the form 1 students now. They had learn Science and Math in English for 7 years. They will continue learning in English up to PMR level. Then in form 4, suddenly constant become pemalar, hypothesis become hipotesis, Newton's Law of Motion become Hukum Gerakan Newton (Thank goodness its not Niuten). And they will learn all this till form 5. Then, in form 6 they will learn back all these terminologies in English!
Then we will produce Rojak graduates. Not proficient in BM or BI.

Memang dah sah gomen ni stupid. Even if you want to revert the policy, wait till the pioneer batch of students under the PPSMI students to enter higher education. Assess their level of english then. If they have mastered english successfully by then, it means that PPSMI is a success. If there is no difference or worse, then by all means scrap it if you want! This is how the success of PPSMI should be assessed, not based on UPSR results! (Of course, pakcik muhydin will say "cis...budak ni tau sikit sikit, sudah trying to teach me what to do")

You scrap it in 2 years, what good will it do? We will not even see 1 Malaysia University student who have Science and Math taugh fully in English in school. We will get rojak students!

We are going down. Keep digging our grave, dear government, but don't take us along with you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Starting Paediatrics!!

Starting Paediatrics tomorrow! Yay!

Hopefully i won't be "yay"ing for only 1 day. Some said Paediatrics is like Internal medicine...well, doesn't sound too bad.

Some said Paediatrics is like O&G.......OMG.....its going to be hell~~

Look at Yi Hui, Paediatrics seems to be more like Surgery......relax only..can go marathon somemore~~:D

But cannot compare myself to a Super Medical Student la...

So I assume Paediatric is like O&G& much to learn yet so little time. Wait a minute...isn't all posting like that? need think ady la.......just go and play with small kids tomorrow. Scared oso no use rite?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Cheers replace tears for SPM top achiever

Luckily, being rejected by the JPA doesn't make me cry and stop my meals back then. If i did that last time, no politician of any sort will be coming to my aid. :P

I hope this girl here realise what's in store for her for the rest of her life. And i certainly hope to see her "serving the country" without complain next time. That's her vow, isn't it? All the best~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From Calcium to Bone

Orthopaedic posting is's been a very very nice posting bcuz there's so many new things that is learnt throughout this posting

Before coming to orthopaedics i am worried i will suffer because of my poor basic in Musculoskeletal anatomy. Now that orthopaedics is over, i understood why i despised Musculoskeletal in the past : its because in the past i dont see the purpose of memorising lengthy muscle names. It seems so silly. Now that i've completed orthopaedics i finally realise that it is fun to know about muscles and tendons and ligaments.

Special thanks to my 1st week "supervisors", Prof Amara, Dr Rashidah, Dr Musfirah, Dr Masri, Dr Kartina and all others in the Rehabilitation team for igniting my interest in Orthopaedics during the first 2 weeks. If i am not interested i will end up like in O&G walking around pointlessly in the ward.

Going on to Paediatrics....If i take Yi Hui as the standard, looks like Paediatrics is not so busy also..hahaha but I will be prepared for anything which awaits me in Paediatrics~~~
Here comes the Paedophile~~~~~~~~~ :P

Monday, June 22, 2009

The return of TB

Due to our government's generousity in accepting foreign workers without proper screening, TB has returned to Malaysia! Welcome back, old friend(or foe?)

Return of disease linked to foreign workers

Because i foresee that our government will continue to be generous for many years to come, I think its essential for us to equip ourself with the knowledge about our old friend here.

As usual, basic sciences are essential
1) What is Tuberculosis
2) Describe the etiologic agent
3) Clinical features
4) How is it transmitted
5) What investigations need to be done
6) What other organism or disease that can mimic tuberculosis
7) Complications of tuberculosis
8) Pott's paraplegia-what is it?
9) What are the regimens for anti TB drug? how long it should be given? Based on what do we decide the exact duration?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nodules of the limbs


Elbow joint
An easy one here.

A 73 year old man who is known to have chronic renal disease presented to PPUKM with multiple painful nodules on the upper and lower limbs for 1 year duration.
1) Describe the nodules(sorry for the bad image quality, my Hp camera only 2 megapixel)
2) What are your differentials? What do you think is the most likely diagnosis? What makes you say so?
3) What investigation do you want to do? What to expect?
4) The best way to diagnose this condition is clinically. How do you do that?
4) How do you manage this patient?

Friday, June 12, 2009

The power of Blogging?

Could it be coincidence, or had someone actually saw my previous post and took action?

The sink in the previous post is now this.

Very neat and clean, isn't it? Hope it can be maintained like that:)
This proves YM wrong...its NOT a SSM project of growing aspergillus
Next time I saw anything dirty i will will become clean in a matter of hours:)
Blogs works wonders :D